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-Save money, drive an OUTLANDER PHEV!


The 2018 OUTLANDER PHEV is the plug-in hybrid SUV that allow you to save money. The vehicle breaks sales records in recent months and it is for good reasons!


        -With the OUTLANDER PHEV, you save fuel


It is the ideal vehicle for city trips. Thanks to its exceptionally low average consumption, the passage to the gas station is very rare! Your home and your workplace are the preferred charging locations: an ordinary 120-volt outlet is enough. And by installing a 240-volt charging station, you recharge even faster!

We offer you a complete service of installation of your electrical terminal as well as your membership card of the electric circuit.

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-With the OUTLANDER PHEV, you reduce your daily costs


As a plug-in hybrid vehicle, the OUTLANDER PHEV benefits from the green license plate and all its privileges: free access to several Quebec ferries, highways 25 and 30, toll bridges (A25 and A30) and free parking in certain municipalities .

You also have privileged access to reserved lanes when the logo of electric cars is present. No more hours spent in traffic jams!


               -With the OUTLANDER PHEV, you have all the benefits of an electric car with the comfort of an SUV

Convenient, spacious and comfortable, the OUTLANDER PHEV offers outstanding handling and performance with its unique all-wheel drive system. Its unique technology that combines three modes of motorization (EV mode, series hybrid mode, parallel hybrid mode) can optimize your performance and your consumption.


Perfectly adapted to extreme climatic conditions, the plug-in hybrid SUV has everything to convince you with its heated steering wheel and its remote control allowing, thanks to your smartphone, to program the night charge, to monitor the remaining charging time and activate immediately or program the heating for later.


Add to that a remarkable towing capacity, a state-of-the-art multimedia system and the 10-year Mitsubishi warranty, the 2018 Mitsubishi OUTLANDER PHEV and its sporty design have everything to seduce you.

To face the increasing cost of gas, opt for a fuel efficient vehicle without sacrificing your comfort. Take a long-term road test of the Mitsubishi OUTLANDER PHEV to be convinced!