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All-Wheel Control

All-Wheel Control

Canadian roads require a particular set of car and SUV qualities. Our Mitsubishis are designed and tested with these roads on our minds. We create cars and SUVs that are safe, durable, reliable and of course that can handle anything from blazing sun out west, to snow and ice out east and brutal sub-zero temperatures in between.

The long-standing Mitsubishi engagement with Motorsports and Rally racing in particular, has enabled our brand to transfer our significant technological achievements from world-wide racing to the cars and SUVs we use every day.

One of the most important qualities of a Mitsubishi vehicle are its active safety systems, i.e. the safety, stability and braking systems that prevent off-road excursions and enable collision avoidance control under all wheather conditions.

Find out more about the Mitsubishi Super All-Wheel Control System by arranging your test drive at Blainville Mitsubishi in Blainville,Quebec.

The 2018 Blainville Mitsubishi Outlander features our Super All-Wheel Control system, that blends All Wheel Control (AWC) with Torque Vectoring.

The capabilities of the Mitsubishi Outlander are enhanced using an Active Front Differential (AFD) that appropriately splits the left front wheel and right front wheel power delivery, to reduce understeer (when the front of the vehicle is not following the direction of the road curve).

The AFD controls in the Mitsubishi S-AWC system enable optimum cornering and improved stability performance. This happens without the need for the system to apply any braking on any wheel, as it is usually the case in the conventional electronically controlled All Wheel Drive systems. When the system detects a need to do so, power is also sent to the rear wheels.


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The 2018 Blainville Mitsubishi RVR features our proprietary All Wheel Control System (AWC).

The RVR, built on a modified Outlander platform, is our most affordable All Wheel Drive (AWD) compact SUV and uses the AWD system of our top of the line Outlander ES.

When slip is detected, two electronically controlled clutches direct power from the front to the rear axle, based on the following 3 settings:

2WD: Front wheel drive, for maximum fuel economy on normal dry roads and highways;

4WD AUTO: Automatic four wheel drive, when needed, for optimized traction, stability and handling;

4WD LOCK: Locked four wheel drive is the optimum system configuration for driving on snow or sand. Also used for low speed towing on high angle slopes.


Connect with the Blainville Mitsubishi Sales Team to test drive the 2018 RVR