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RVR 2020


It’s during the Geneva International Motor Show held in March that Mitsubishi unveiled its brand new SUV RVR 2020. The manufacturer decided to shed a new light and went back to the drawing board following the “robust & ingenious” mantra along with their slogan “Drive your ambition.”


Before diving into the what’s new in this 2020 model, let’s check the RVR in numbers and in details. The RVR brand (sometimes called Outlander or AVX depending on the region) was launched in 2009 and sold 1.32 million units in around 90 countries. It is also the best seller for Mitsubishi in Canada.




While keeping some of the elements that made the previous entries a success, the RVR 2020 underwent some serious modifications, especially on the cosmetic side.

This compact SUV is perfect for life in the city and will meet your daily requirements. Its versatility will also match your outdoors and outback needs.


In terms of motorisation, the RVR 2020 makes use of Mitsubishi flagship MIVEC, 16-valve, 4-cylinder engine with a choice of 2L or 2.5L mated to the INVECS-III Continuously Variable Transmission. The car is also available with either two or four-wheel drive version. However, Mitsubishi still hasn’t confirmed if the RVR 2020 will be available as a hybrid.


Security is, of course, part of Mitsubishi thought process when designing a new car and the RVR 2020 is no exception and was built to be as secure as possible. That’s why we find the Reinforced Safety Impact Evolution (RISE) impact safety structure and features available Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM) braking system and Blind Spot Warning (BSW) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA).




What changes in the RVR 2020 compared with last year’s model? A lot of elements starting with the general concept. According to Mitsubishi Design VP, Tsunehiro Kunimoto, the RVR 2020 was built according to the “Impact & Impulse” design concept. As a result, we have a car with an elegant and polished outline while keeping its robust and powerful aspect.



On the front, Mitsubishi unveils the Dynamic Shield where the bumper and grille accentuates the robust and aggressive style.


Turn signals and fog lamps are located on the end of each side and feels like hands protecting the driver from road hazards.


The front lights make use of LED technology and are both eco-friendly and economical.




To create the impression that the vehicle is larger than it seems, the combination lamps stretches across the width of the car and also use LED technology (except for the turn signals). The skid plate reflects the SUV style and give it a powerful look.


According to Mitsubishi Motors Canada, the RVR 2020 will be available in three colours: Red Diamond (like the Eclipse Cross), Sunshine Orange, and Oak Brown.



The other part that benefited from the overhaul is the interior. Combining security and technology, the SUV passenger compartment includes the most modern devices.


The audio display now allows for a better connectivity with smartphones. The RVR 2020 now makes use of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay environment. This is especially useful on entry level models as they don’t include any kind of navigation system. This is reserved for the top tier with the presence of TomTom navigation software. Furthermore the display goes from 7 inches I the 2019 model to 8 inches in the RVR 2020.


Mitsubishi Motors also tells that there will be an application later on to provide different kind of car-related information.




Mitsubishi’s RVR 2020 SUV will be available in September 2019 in Québec. Mitsubishi Canada didn’t confirm the price yet but rumour has it that the entry level price for a brand vehicle is $ 24,000.